Kaitlyn Karpenko
Director of Litigation Support

202.765.2253 | kaitlyn@wilkenfeldlaw.com

Prior to joining Wilkenfeld Herendeen Law (formerly called The Wilkenfeld Law Group), Ms. Karpenko worked with Mr. Wilkenfeld and Ms. Herendeen as a paralegal at the Law Offices of Gary M. Gilbert and Associates. She has implemented and improved practice management software, tracked and maintained all cases on a firm-wide Civil Litigation Docket, and served as point-person for legal research contracts, court reporting agencies, and general legal technology questions. She has experience training staff on technology integration and usage within a law firm.  Ms. Karpenko has worked with clients from intake to case closure, assisted at depositions, meditations, and witness interviews, and played an integral role in litigation.

Before joining Mr. Gilbert, Ms. Karpenko worked on outreach campaigns focusing on environmental and political causes. She has also served as the Event Manager and Treasurer for local political campaigns in Rochester, NY.

Ms. Karpenko graduated from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and environmental studies with a minor in legal studies.

At WHL, our mission is to help create just and fair working environments for our clients. A large part of my job is to take the raw materials – our clients’ experiences and stories – and work with both them and the attorneys to construct a legal matter. It is incredibly rewarding to help people who are looking for justice find a voice and achieve a sense of satisfaction.